NYU Langone SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing Team

We have implemented a viral sequencing pipeline to assess SARS-CoV-2 transmission within the NYU Langone catchment area.

In the interests of open science, we deposit sequences immediately upon processing into the GISAID repository. Data can be visualized at nextstrain.

Team Members

Department of Pathology
Matija Snuderl
Xiaojun Feng
Brendan Belovarac
Tatyana Gindin
Lawrence Hsu Lin
George Jour
Andrew Lytle
Jared Pinnell
Margaret Black
Antonio Serrano
Guomiao Shen
Theodore Vougiouklakis
Maria Aguero-Rosenfeld

Vaccine Center
Mark J. Mulligan
Vanessa Raabe
Marie Samanovic-Golden

Genome Technology Center
Adriana Heguy
Dacia Dimartino
Emily Guzman
Christian Marier
Peter Meyn
Sitharam Ramaswami
Gael Westby
Paul Zappile
Yutong Zhang

Inst. for Systems Genetics & Pathology
Matthew Maurano
John Cadley
Megan Hogan
Emily Huang
Raven Luther
Raquel Ordoñez Ciriza
André M. Ribeiro-dos-Santos
Nick Vulpescu

John Chen